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Welcome to, your guide to football grounds in the English and Scottish Football Leagues.

Whether you're a supporter of the “football elite” in the Premiership, a Championship side fighting to make it to the top tier of English football or your team are battling it out to gain that all important Football League status, you'll find everything you need to know to help you with your away travels up and down the country. All the information on our site is by the fans for the fans, so if someone has had a particularly nice pie & chips before the game then they'll tell us, so we can tell you, or maybe someone has had their tyres slashed in a certain car park, again, they'll tell us so we can tell you (not to park there!). Honest and helpful advice is all you'll find on FootballStadiumGuide.

Directions - so that you'll make kick off by missing the traffic and hopefully have time to grab a pie.

Parking - the cheapest, safest and closest parking spots or the best places for a quick getaway after the game.

Pubs & Grub - it's ritual for 99% of football fans to eat or drink in a certain place, if they recommend it then you'll find it here!

Ground Reviews - you'll get a general kind of idea from seeing grounds on the TV but looks can be deceiving, here, real fans tell you their thoughts on football grounds.

Unlike any other websites out there we'll try to get as many real fans photos and videos on here as possible, anything from a video of the ground or a picture of a nasty looking pie, so you can get some kind of idea what you are letting yourself in for.

All that’s left for you to do is concentrate more on consuming a couple of beers, relaxing and cheering on your team! The idea is to take all the stress out of away games and try to encourage people to follow their team away from home.

We Need You!

Keeping FootballStadiumGuide as up to date and as real as possible can only be achieved with the help of football fans like yourself. We need you to tell us about football grounds you have been to, any top tips for other away fans, send us your pictures or videos and if you spot any incorrect information then let us know!

Help us to help other dedicated football fans avoid the traffic queues, paying extortionate match day parking prices or inadvertently turning up in the wrong pub before the match, in full team colours and a really big bobble hat